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Sports mental trainer 

From fascination to study

To broaden one's horizon

When I had already been working as a golf instructor for ten years in 2022, I had the feeling that I wanted to expand my field of knowledge.

The fascination with sport shapes me every day. Not only my own golf game, I also follow a wide range of sports with great interest.

To understand how, as an athlete, I improve my sporting abilities outside of my daily physical training through mental and psychological processes and techniques.Being able to improve performance was also one of the main reasons for starting my studies.

The second pillar

My goal is to become a world-class golf professional. However, I would like to know if something unexpected happens, such as Injuries or other external influences that endanger my sporting career: I am prepared and can work successfully as a golf instructor and sports mental trainer. 

The idea of one day working with athletes fills me with joy.

Even the most successful sports career is limited in time and I'm glad to have an answer to the question: "What happens next?"

Mental strength - more than just a term

My skills as a sports mental trainer include:

  • Objectives

  • Visualizations

  • Breathing techniques

  • Stress management and regulation

  • Motivation techniques

  • Release fears and trauma

  • Increase ability to concentrate

  • Reach flow state

  • Build self-confidence

  • Dealing with pressure

  • mental training plancreate e

Robin Smiciklas

Are you interested in achieving better results in your sport through mental training?

Then please contact me via my contact form. I'm looking forward to your message!

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